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In France, it’s dangerous to be a Jew

Baron Hirsch, who founded the school in 1901, named it after his son Lucien. He wanted to preserve the Jewish identity of the students, but had no idea that 115 years later, most of its alumni would be making aliyah to Israel. This is not only because of the Zionist education they received, but primarily […]

French and German Central Bankers Want a Central Euro Finance Ministry

The euro zone needs to press ahead with structural reforms and closer integration, including a euro zone finance ministry, to deliver sustainable growth, the heads of the French and German central banks wrote in a German newspaper on Monday.   In a guest article for the Sueddeutsche Zeitung entitled “Europe at a crossroads”, they said […]

6 in 10 French people think Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism, survey finds

A total of 59 per cent of French people think members of the Jewish community are at least partially responsible for anti-Semitism, a survey conducted by the Fondation de Judaisme Français and Ipsos has suggested.   The foundation surveyed 1,005 people who “constituted a sample representative of the French population” online over nine days.   Respondents were […]

France Seeks to Extend State of Emergency Despite Protests

Despite widespread protests across the country in recent days, the French government confirmed on Wednesday that it would seek a three-month extension of the state of emergency it declared after the attacks in and around Paris that left 130 people dead in November.   The extension is one of several pieces of legislation that the […]

Soros and CFR Exploit Refugee Crisis for New World Order

After having literally created the refugee crisis from start to finish — destroying multiple Middle Eastern nations and then demanding that Europe accept the millions of displaced victims — the internationalist establishment is now exploiting the chaos it unleashed to push more globalism and statism. Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are all in the cross-hairs […]

French President Criticized for Move to Renew State of Emergency

The office of French President Francois Hollande released a statement on January 22 that said Hollande will seek to renew the state of emergency his government imposed following the November 13 attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Hollande will ask his Cabinet on February 3 to approve a draft law to extend the measures […]

Rouhani hails ‘new chapter’ in Iranian-French ties

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has hailed “a new chapter” in French-Iranian relations during his visit to Paris to discuss trade ties. Mr Rouhani hopes to agree several deals, including with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus for 100 planes. Meanwhile, French carmaker Peugeot said it had agreed a joint venture in Iran worth €400m ($436m; £304m). Mr […]

France trying to get Netanyahu and Abbas to meet?

France is continuing its efforts to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), and is attempting to bring together Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas for a meeting, Channel 2 News reported on Monday.   According to the report, France is trying to get the two to meet as […]

Disquiet grows over French state of emergency

When a state of emergency was imposed in France after the November attacks, numb and terror-weary citizens welcomed the show of force.   But a sense of creeping unease over civil liberties has turned to outright opposition in many quarters as French President Francois Hollande indicated this week he would seek to renew the measure […]

French Jews, struggling to find work in Israel, consider going home

Before she traded her native France for Israel, Catherine Berdah ran a successful drug store in an affluent suburb on the eastern edge of Paris.   A 50-year-old pharmacist with a master’s degree in business and decades of experience, Berdah earned over $6,000 per month and presided over an expanding business with 14 employees. But […]