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Britons lean toward Brexit as referendum looms:

The British pound tumbled on currency markets Monday – and Prime Minister David Cameron was forced into an improbable mid-campaign alliance with three left-of-centre parties – after a series of opinion polls suggested those in favour of pulling Britain out of the European Union had seized the lead three weeks before a crucial referendum.   […]

EU referendum TV debate: Farage rejects archbishop’s racism claims

David Cameron said he wanted people to vote for a Great Britain in the EU, not for “the little England of Nigel Farage”. I hope that when people go to vote on June 23 they think about their children and grandchildren, they think about the jobs and the opportunities they want for them, the sort […]

European Union Seeks U.N. Approval to Intercept Libya-Bound Arms

UNITED NATIONS — A year after it received the United Nations Security Council’s approval to try to stop human smuggling out of Libya, Europe is seeking the Council’s authorization to intercept illegal arms going into Libya.   Speaking to the Council on Monday, the European Union’s top foreign policy official, Federica Mogherini, urged members to […]

EU Proposes Government ID to Use Internet » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

The European Union is proposing a government ID for using the Internet which will eradicate both on-line privacy and free speech. Spearheaded by former communist official Andrus Ansip, the European Commission published a draft document outlining its proposed electronic ID that would not only allow the EU to track what you say on-line, but also […]

EU referendum: Angela Merkel breaks silence to warn UK against Brexit

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has broken her self-imposed vow of silence on the EU referendum to say she hopes the UK will vote to remain “for the benefit of all of us”. Read More: EU referendum: Angela Merkel breaks silence to warn UK against Brexit | Europe | News | The Independent

Donald Trump will arrive in UK the day before EU referendum

Donald Trump has said he will visit the UK on the day before Britons go to the polls to decide whether to remain in the European Union.   The presumptive Republican nominee in the US presidential election has said he will come to the country on a whistle-stop tour of his golf resorts in Britain […]

MPs warn voters being ‘conned’ as Brussels keeps plans for EU army secret until after referendum

British voters are being “conned” by Brussels officials who are keeping plans for a European army secret until after the referendum, leading Tories have claimed.   Liam Fox, the former defence secretary who served under David Cameron, told The Telegraph that the ambitions showed the EU is wedded to the “dangerous fantasy” of creating a […]

‘When the EU is compared to the plans and projects of Adolf Hitler, I cannot remain silent’

European Council President Donald Tusk said that former London mayor Boris Johnson had “crossed a boundary” when he compared the EU to Adolf Hitler in comments made earlier this week.   Johnson, who is one of the main proponents of Britain leaving the EU, said in an interview to the Telegraph on Sunday that the […]

Turkey visa deal could attract ‘criminals or terrorists’, European Commission warns

Terrorists and criminals are “expected” to seek Turkish passports in a bid to reach Europe by exploiting the visa deal with the EU “as soon as” it comes into effect, a European Commission report has warned.   The visa waiver programme, which will enable some 75m Turks to enter the Schengen zone for up to […]

Europe migrant crisis: EU faces ‘populist uprising’

Europe faces a “populist uprising” if it is unable to show people it can control the migrant crisis, former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove has said. He was speaking on the BBC’s World on the Move day on migration issues. Sir Richard also warned against offering visa-free travel to Turkish nationals, describing the move as […]