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As Ebola fears spread, states take emergency response into their own hands

Not satisfied with the federal response, several states are taking the Ebola crisis into their own hands – tapping emergency funds in their budgets, launching treatment units and holding public hearings to stanch the spread of misinformation about the virus.   The lines of responsibility for what the federal government and what the states should […]

Obama’s “Ebola Czar” Thinks Overpopulation Is Top Challenge

In addition to having essentially no medical qualifications for the newly invented  “Ebola czar” post aside from serving as a lobbyist for a pharmaceutical firm, attorney and political operative Ron Klain (shown) is under fire after a video surfaced of him declaring that “growing population” — particularly in Africa — was the “top leadership challenge” […]

There Is No Ebola ‘Hysteria’

We can’t give in to hysteria or fear,” President Obama announced in his weekly radio address this weekend, “because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need.”   The least accurate part of the president’s message was the one part nearly everybody of every political stripe agrees to be true: […]

Pentagon plans Ebola domestic-response team of medical experts to aid doctors

The Pentagon announced Sunday that it will create a 30-person team of medical experts that could quickly leap into a region if new Ebola cases emerge in the United States, providing support for civilian doctors who lack proficiency in fighting the deadly virus.   Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the Pentagon’s Northern Command, which has […]

Ebola Study Projects Spread of Virus on Overseas Flights

Up to three Ebola-infected people could embark on overseas flights every month from the three most-affected African countries, according to a new study that projected travel patterns based on infection rates and recent flight schedules.   The findings, published Monday in the journal Lancet, suggest that Ebola cases could be spread overseas by unwitting travelers […]

Ebola: WHO under fire over response to epidemic

There is no question that it has had some major successes: it has ensured that millions of children worldwide are free from the danger of polio, the crippling virus is now endemic in just three countries.   It runs huge programmes aimed at combating HIV/Aids, malaria and tuberculosis, and its Framework Convention on Tobacco Control […]

WHO missed ‘the disaster of our times,’ claim aid agencies

At the centre of the growing outrage is the World Health Organisation (WHO) which, as the UN’s health agency, is charged with “providing leadership” world health matters.   Aid agencies, such as Oxfam yesterday, are warning that Ebola will become the “disaster of our time”. It is being compared with the HIV/Aids epidemic, having already […]

WHO chief promises transparency on Ebola failures

The head of the World Health Organization says the agency will be upfront about its handling of the Ebola outbreak, following an internal report that details failures in containing the virus.   In the draft document obtained by the Associated Press, the WHO says “nearly everyone” involved in the Ebola response failed to notice factors […]

Blame Climate Change

Add Ebola and Islamic extremism to the list. Is there anything not caused by climate change? By Rick Brinegar   You name it, whether it’s beached walruses, rising sea levels, mass extinctions, societal collapse, or “thermageddon,” all the bad things you can think of have been caused by man-made climate change, according to the “man-made […]