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Syria war: IS group killed 21 Christians in al-Qaryatain, says patriarch

Reports are emerging of the killing of Syrian Christians by Islamic State militants in the town of al-Qaryatain. The town was retaken by Russian-backed Syrian forces and their allies earlier in the week. Some 21 Christians were murdered when almost 300 Christians remained in the city after IS captured it last August, said the head […]

Christians facing increased persecution in America: poll

A poll finds that, in just two years, the number of Americans who think Christians are facing growing intolerance in the U.S. has drastically increased.   Sixty-three percent of respondents in the LifeWay Research survey said they agree or strongly agree that Christians are facing growing levels of persecution, up from 50 percent in 2013. […]

Pakistan’s Christians Caught Between Jihadist Bombers and Anti-‘Blasphemy’ Zealots

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed Monday to root out terrorism after a deadly suicide bombing targeted Christians enjoying an Easter outing, but the scale of the challenge faced by Christians was evident both in the carnage and in a mass protest by radical Islamists angered by the execution of a man they revere for […]

Lahore Bombing: Suicide Attack Kills 72 in Park on Easter Sunday

LAHORE, Pakistan — At least 72 people were killed and more than 320 others injured when a suicide bomber targeting Christians blew himself up at a busy park in Lahore on Sunday, officials said.   “Mostly women and children are killed and injured in the blast,” Lahore Police Chief Haider Ashraf said, adding that the […]

Lahore attack: Christian leaders express horror at massacre

Father Federico Lombardi, the pope’s spokesman, said: “Once again cowardly murderous hatred rages on the most defenceless.” Christian minorities had been struck by “fanatical violence”, he added.   Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the worldwide Anglican communion, tweeted: “We pray for the victims of Lahore to the crucified God, who brings […]

Why It Feels Like a ‘Crime’ to Be Christian in Pakistan

But the modern reality is very different. Most people in Pakistan are Muslims and Jinnah’s imagined secular state has become increasingly theocratic after decades of dictatorships and official Islamism. Christians, particularly the poor belonging to the agricultural center and north of the country, are considered outcasts by many and find themselves pushed to the edge […]

Six Reasons Why ISIS Attacks on Christians Should…

his evening, the US House of Representatives voted unanimously that groups such as ISIS are committing genocide against Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.   By Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry must tell Congress (thanks to a separate measure) whether the State Department agrees or not.   CT asked international religious freedom […]

Christian targeted for ‘personal destruction’ has new hope

The Washington Supreme Court has agreed to review the case against a florist who was penalized for following her Christian faith and refusing to support a “gay wedding” with her artistic talent.   The brief order from the Supreme Court of Washington was signed by Barbara Madsen, the chief justice, and said tersely that the […]

Rev. Cruz: ‘Separation of Church and State’ Is a ‘Lie’

Commenting on America’s moral decline, evangelical pastor Rafael Cruz said the silence of the church during cultural upheavals was partly to blame, such as during the removal of prayer and the Bible from the public schools, and he added that for too long “the church has believed this lie of separation of church and state.”   During […]

Christians helping migrants should not try to convert them, says cardinal

Christians assisting migrants should love them “without hidden intentions” and not try to convert them, the prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has said.   Cardinal Gerhard Müller said said that proselytism “is practically a manipulation of the conscience” and that the church’s mission is to help mankind relate to and love […]