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Japan to develop missile as tensions with China mount

Japan will develop a new land-to-sea missile as part of plans to beef up its defence of remote southern islands, as tensions with China increase over the disputed territory, a report said Sunday.   The two countries are locked in a long-running dispute over the uninhabited islets known as the Senkaku in Japan and the […]

China sees U.S. missile defense plan for South Korea as direct threat

U.S. military officials are trying to pacify a furious China in the wake of Washington’s plan to deploy a battery of advanced missile defense systems in South Korea, insisting to angry military leaders in Beijing that the weapons would be solely targeting ballistic missile threats from North Korea and not undercut China’s own military deterrent. […]

East China Sea: Japan Coast Guard rescues 6 crew of sinking Chinese fishing boat

The Japan Coast Guard rescued six crew members of a Chinese fishing boat that was sinking in the East China Sea after colliding with a Greek cargo ship early on Thursday, 11 August. Beijing reciprocated Tokyo’s humane gesture and thanked them for the rescue operation, despite ongoing tensions between the two countries over maritime rights […]

China preparing for war? Builds military hangers in disputed South China Sea islands

Washington: Despite losing its case at an international court in The Hague, China appears in no mood to let go of its claims in the disputed South China Sea.   The New York Times reported that recent satellite photographs – made public by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) think tank – […]

Japan says ties with China ‘deteriorating’ over disputed islands

Japan’s foreign minister has warned that ties with China are “significantly deteriorating”, after Chinese vessels repeatedly entered disputed waters in the East China Sea. Fumio Kishida said he had called China’s ambassador to protest against the “incursions”. On Friday, about 230 Chinese fishing boats and coast guard vessels sailed near islands claimed by both countries. […]

Chinese court issues ominous message about South China Sea

The days of nations jockeying for position in the resource-rich waters of the South China Sea aren’t even close to being over, despite last month’s historic legal decision rejecting China’s claim to the majority of the region.   On Tuesday, China’s top court said there was a “clear legal basis for China to safeguard maritime order, marine safety and […]

Mischief Reef in South China Sea

Perhaps the most significant portion of the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s July 12 500-page unanimous ruling on the South China Sea is the decision on Mischief Reef.   According to the ruling, the reef and everything on it legally belongs to the Philippines. This is in spite of China’s reclamation of approximately 5,580,000 square meters of land, and the construction […]

China, Russia to Hold Joint Drills in Disputed South China Sea

China and Russia will hold “routine” naval exercises in the South China Sea in September, Beijing’s Defense Ministry said Thursday.   The exercises come at a time of heightened tension in the contested waters after an arbitration court in The Hague ruled this month that China did not have historic rights to the South China […]

John Kerry to press for diplomatic solution to South China Sea tensions

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, will urge south-east Asian countries in meetings in Laos next week to explore diplomatic ways to ease tensions with China over the South China Sea, following an international court ruling denying China’s claims.   Kerry travels to Laos’s capital, Vientiane, on Monday for meetings of foreign ministers from […]

Meet the US’s answer to China’s ‘carrier killer’ missile

The US Navy just named the first carrier-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) the MQ-25A Stingray.   The Navy has been pursuing a carrier-based drone since 2006 — first as a long-range stealthy bomber, then as a surveillance and strike craft, and finally as a flying tanker. Though air-to-air refueling is hardly a breakthrough, having a carrier-based […]