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‘Tit-for-tat’ response if US or Japan put military or political pressure over South China Sea

The Chinese people will “firmly support” their government if it launches a “tit-for-tat” response, should the US and Japan use The Hague’s decision that China has no legal right to the South China Sea to pressure Beijing, an influential state-run newspaper has said.   In its editorial published on 12 July, Global Times said: “We […]

Taiwan, After Rejecting South China Sea Decision, Sends Patrol Ship

HONG KONG — Taiwan is an often-overlooked player in the debate over control of the South China Sea, where its emphasis on multilateral negotiations tends to be drowned out by the bold claims of China, which considers Taiwan part of its territory and tries to limit its voice in world affairs.   But after an […]

South China Sea: Tribunal backs case against China brought by Philippines

An international tribunal has ruled against Chinese claims to rights in the South China Sea, backing a case brought by the Philippines. The Permanent Court of Arbitration said there was no evidence that China had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or resources. China called the ruling “ill-founded” and says it will not be […]

The ‘nine-dash line’ at the heart of the South China Sea conflict

At the heart of the South China Sea dispute is the “nine-dash line”, Beijing’s claim that encircles as much as 90 per cent of the ­contested waters.   The line runs as far as 2,000km from the Chinese mainland to within a few hundred kilometres of the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.   Beijing maintains it […]

South China Sea dispute: Are they islands, rocks or reefs?

On Tuesday a tribunal in the Hague will deliver an eagerly awaited legal ruling on the South China Sea. Five judges will rule on the status of several contested areas, and they could deliver a blow to China’s claim to sovereignty over the entire South China Sea. The tribunal can’t decide who owns what – […]

China demands churches’ tithes, donations

The communist government of China’s Zhejiang Province is enforcing a new law that demands numerous churches to turn over all of their tithes and donations to state authorities.   According to a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to serving the persecuted Church in China, the officials of Pingyang County in Wenzhou are compelling members to give […]

China should prepare for ‘military confrontation’ in South China Sea, newspaper declares

China should prepare itself for military confrontation in the South China Sea, an influential Chinese paper has reported, a week ahead of a decision by an international court on a dispute between China and the Philippines.   About $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year though the energy-rich, strategic waters of the South China […]

China’s Xi Jinping swears by Marxism as Communist Party celebrates 95th anniversary

As China celebrates its Communist Party’s 95th anniversary on 1 July, its President Xi Jinping said corruption within the party is posing a bigger threat, and called on its members to adopt Marxism and its ideologies. A grand ceremony is being held in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People. He reiterated that history […]

South China Sea: China should prepare for military confrontation in territorial dispute says state newspaper

China should prepare for military confrontation in the South China Sea, an influential state-run paper said yesterday (4 July). This comes a week before an international court in The Hague is due to give its decision on the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines on 12 July.   According to the Global Times paper, […]

Taiwan Accidentally Fires Missile Toward Rival China, Hits Boat

A Taiwanese naval ship accidentally fired a supersonic missile in the direction of its rival China on Friday, killing the captain of a nearby fishing boat, a state-run news agency said.   The 500-ton Chinchiang-class corvette launched the missile during a training exercise while docked at a harbor in the southern port city of Kaohsiung. […]