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Payments Council data on cash versus card and contactless payments

Britain is moving away from use of physical money, new figures on the rise of cashless payments indicate.   Payments Council data released on Thursday shows that cashless payments overtook the use of notes and coins for the first time last year and cash volumes are expected to fall by a further 30% over the next […]

Denmark moves closer to a cashless society

Denmark has moved one step closer to becoming the world’s first cashless society, as the government proposes scrapping the obligation for retailers to accept cash as payment.   The Danish government has said that as of next year, business such as clothing retailers, restaurants and petrol stations should no longer be legally bound to accept […]

Denmark moves closer to a cashless society

The collection of telephone metadata by United States intelligence services “exceeds the scope of what Congress has authorized,” a federal appeals court has ruled in a major blow to the National Security Agency.   On Thursday, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said the American Civil Liberties Union can sue the director […]

London buses to become cashless from July

Leon Daniels, managing director for TfL surface transport said: “Customers will not only benefit from a quicker, cheaper and more convenient method of paying their bus fare; it will also enable us to save millions of pounds each year – which will be reinvested in further improvements to the capital’s transport network.”   TfL said […]