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Herzog: Bibi Should Give the Mandate Back to the President

Zionist Union chairman MK Yitzhak Herzog continued to insist on Thursday evening that he will not be joining Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition.   His comments came amid reports that Netanyahu is planning to expand his 61-member coalition by bringing in Zionist Union, or at least some of its MKs.   “I am not joining this government. It is bad […]

Hardline Israel government emerges, angering Palestinians

After reaching a late-night deal on a new coalition, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu signed an agreement Thursday giving a senior role to the far-right Jewish Home that firmly opposes a Palestinian state.   Following six weeks of intensive negotiations, the Israeli premier finally managed to forge a government late on Wednesday, just an hour before a […]

Saeb Erekat slams Netanyahu’s new ‘government of war’

Ramallah was not pleased on Thursday with the newly-struck coalition deal between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bayit Yehudi. The 61-member government, formed Wednesday night just before a midnight deadline, “will be one of war which will be against peace and stability in our region,” chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told AFP. The senior Palestinian […]

Netanyahu, Bennett strike deal, facilitating new government

Netanyahu and Bennett announced their coalition deal on Wednesday night, with the Bayit Yehudi leader committing to join the government, but have yet to sign the deal in order to give Bennett 24 hours to iron out final details.   “Finally, there’s a government in Israel,” Bennett said at a late-night press conference. “This isn’t […]

This is a ‘Government of National Failure’

Knesset Members from the Zionist Union party on Wednesday night used harsh words to describe Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s new 61-member coalition.   In statements released shortly after Netanyahu announced a deal with Jewish Home, the Zionist Union members vowed to work to make sure the new coalition is short-lived.   The party’s leader Yitzhak Herzog […]

Israel’s Netanyahu faces deadline to form coalition

His Likud party won March’s election but he is still trying to strike deals with other parties to gain a majority.   On Monday, former ally Avigdor Lieberman said his Yisrael Beitenu party would not join the coalition.   If one is not formed by midnight (21:00 GMT), President Reuven Rivlin will offer the chance […]

Watch: Netanyahu Tells Washington ‘No to Iran Nuclear Umbrella’

His message to the Washington DC-based think tank, which is tasked with formulating American policy in the Middle East and runs under director Robert Satloff, was timed after the 30th anniversary symposium of WINEP which took place last Wednesday to Friday.   “Over the last 30 years the Institute has provided decision makers with scholarly analysis of the Middle East, analysis […]

Netanyahu is sitting on 400 nuclear warheads

Zarif says Iran expects UN sanctions to be lifted within a few days of a deal. And he expects President Barack Obama will have to stop implementing the US sanctions on his country. “How he does is his problem,” Zarif said. Zarif spoke on the sidelines as world powers meet at the UN to discuss […]

White House reiterates pledge to invite Benjamin Netanyahu after government formation

The Obama administration will invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House after he forms a new government, a US official reiterated to The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, amid reports suggesting the visit may be timed around the completion of nuclear talks with Iran.   The pledge to invite Netanyahu was first made on […]

The IDF is a response to regional threats

Israel has a right to use its military to defend itself against regional threats, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday as he continued his diplomatic battle to stop Russian-made arms from flowing into the hands of Israel’s enemies.   “The meaning of independence, in my view, is, first of all, the ability to defend […]