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Netanyahu: Putin meeting crucial to avoiding misunderstandings at northern

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in order to “communicate our policies,” and insure that there would be  no “misunderstandings” between Israeli and Russian forces, in light of Moscow’s recent deployment of aircraft and soldiers into Syria.   Netanyahu told a press conference after the meeting that Israel seeks […]

IAEA rejects proposal on oversight of Israeli nuclear facilities

In a move hailed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “great” diplomatic victory, the International Atomic Energy Agency handily voted down an Egyptian resolution on Thursday to force Israel to open its nuclear facilities to international inspectors.   The resolution also wanted the IAEA’s member states to express concern over Israel’s nuclear capabilities, and […]

Netanyahu seeks to prevent Israel-Russia clashes in Syria

Israeli PM concerned Russian activity will encroach on possible Israeli airstrikes, allow Hezbollah to rearm   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans this week to travel to Moscow on a mission to address Israel’s concerns about confrontations that could possibly occur between Israeli troops and Russian forces active in Syria, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. […]

Netanyahu Promises New Standard of Deterrence

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held an emergency security meeting at his office in Jerusalem on Tuesday night, after the wave of terror attacks in Jerusalem over the Rosh Hashanah holiday including massive riots on the Temple Mount and a lethal rock attack.   “We will fight through all means necessary against rock throwers, firebomb and pipe […]

Analysis: Fear of ISIS takeover of Jordan drives Israel to build eastern border fence – Arab-Israeli Conflict

In a white tent set up not far from the border with Jordan – very similar to the tent that hosted the ceremony for the signing of the peace treaty with Jordan 21 years ago in Ein Evrona, the small Arava town just a few kilometers north of Eilat – a number of army officers, […]

Benjamin Netanyahu: Shana Tova from Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished the world a “Shana Tova,” [a happy new year], in a video message from his residence in Jerusalem on Sunday.       Netanyahu opened the short clip saying, “Shana tova to all of you from our eternal capital, Jerusalem.”       “Since last Rosh Hashana it has become […]

PM Ready to Enter Negotiations Immediately

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met on Thursday morning with British Prime Minister David Cameron as part of an official state visit to the United Kingdom.   “I look forward to discussing with you everything you mentioned – three specific areas,” Netanyahu told Cameron at the start of the meeting.”   First security,” the Israeli Prime Minister […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to EU: Stop pressuring us into agreements that endanger our existence

The European Union must stop pressuring Israel to enter dangerous agreements that threaten the future of the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Jerusalem on Tuesday night.   Europe “seeks to unilaterally press Israel into agreements that will endanger our very existence and therefore your very defense,” Netanyahu publicly told visiting European Council […]

Tensions surface between Israeli President and PM

The long-simmering tensions between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin bubbled to the surface on Wednesday, with Rivlin telling a popular radio program that he had not met with Netanyahu in two months.   In an interview with Army Radio, Rivlin said he used to meet with the prime minister once a […]

Rivlin hints at rift with Netanyahu – ‘We haven’t met in two months’

President Reuven Rivlin revealed on Wednesday that he has not met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the last two months.   In an interview with Army Radio, the president said that while he is on speaking terms with the premier, “we just haven’t gotten a chance to set a meeting.”   “I have no […]