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Netanyahu: The Dimona nuclear facility will be named after Peres

Israel marked 30 days since the death of former President Shimon Peres with a traditional Jewish 30 day memorial ceremony and tombstone unveiling on Friday. Friends and family gathered at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem and speakers included Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin, as well as Peres’ grandchildren.   Read more: Netanyahu: The Dimona […]

Report: Netanyahu asks Kerry not to promote anti-Israel resolutions

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel would expect that the Obama administration will not carry out a shift in policy and will not promote or support a United Nations Security Council resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue during the period following the U.S. presidential election until Obama leaves office, […]

Abbas urged not to dismiss Netanyahus invitation

Saudi Arabian-based media has appealed to Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas not to dismiss the invitation extended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for him to address the Knesset.Netanyahus appeal to Abbas, one of several he has made to the PA chairman, came at his speech at the UN General Assembly last week.An editorial published […]

Ignoring Israel: Why Clinton and Trump sparred on foreign policy, but didn’t mention Mideast ally

You had to wait until more than half way through Monday’s debate to hear the one mention alluding to Israel. “I met with Bibi, believe me, he’s not a happy camper,” said Republican candidate Donald Trump, using Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s nickname. The comment went unchallenged as part of a wider discussion of the Iran […]

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Meet With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s prime minister tweeted this morning about his meetings yesterday with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying, “After meeting with 2 leading candidates for POTUS, I’m more convinced than ever that Israel-US bond will remain strong after the elections.   Republican nominee Trump met with Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday morning at Trump Tower. Democrat Clinton met […]

Trump met with Israeli President Netanyahu and discussed ISIS, Iran, and Palestinians

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday discussed the Iran nuclear deal, the battle against Islamic State, Israel’s security fence and other regional concerns.   After an hourlong meeting at Trump Tower in New York, Trump’s campaign issued a statement saying the candidate described US military assistance to Israel […]

Netanyahu meets with Clinton

The two US Presidential candidates met with Prime Minister Netanyahu a day before the candidates are set to face off head to head for a debate in Long Island.   After hearing from Donald Trump that his administration would recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, Netanyahu met with Hillary Clinton in New York […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to ask Clinton, Trump to oppose one-sided resolutions against Israel

If the US presidential candidates don’t come to Jerusalem during the heat of the campaign, Jerusalem will come to them.   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet separately in New York on Sunday with both Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The meetings are scheduled to take place just a […]

Benjamin Netanyahu explains Russia’s interest in cooperating with Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained Russia’s possible interests in cooperating with Israel on Thursday during a discussion organized by a New York-based think tank.   “I think Russia has variegated interests. The first interest is to make sure militant Islam does not penetrate and destabilize Russia.”   Netanyahu addressed the crowd gathered for the Hudson […]

Obama disappointed in failure to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace, envoy admits

The White House is disappointed in the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process during US President Barack Obama’s eight-year administration, said US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on Thursday.   Speaking to Army Radio from the United States on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly debate, the ambassador spoke of Washington’s sentiments […]