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Kerry tells Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘You’re affecting the ability to make peace’

In his final public remarks as secretary of state, John Kerry called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a friend. But he had a message for the Israeli leader that he explained he has repeatedly offered in private. “You’re affecting the ability to make peace,” he said. “You’re changing the peace map, and you’re doing it unilaterally. […]

‘Will Trump be good for Israel? It depends on Netanyahu’

Chairman of Likud National Headquarters Shevach Stern is not concerned about possible damage from the investigation of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and is convinced that should Netanyahu be forced to resign, a replacement will be found. “There is a lot of background noise and a lot of deliberate leaks,” Stern told Arutz Sheva, “What is […]

9 Proofs the End Time is Now!

Am I living in the end time? A war will begin from the vicinity of the Euphrates River that will kill one-third of the human race. (Revelation 9:13-16) The Euphrates River is located in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran–all states dominated by Islam. ISIS has captured approximately forty percent of the Euphrates River in the last two […]

‘Prepare for new elections – Bibi could be indicted’

Israeli lawmakers are taking seriously the possibility that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could be indicted in one of the investigations currently underway, a senior MK from the Shas party said. With a new police investigation into claims the Prime Minister received gifts from media mogul Nuni Mozes joining allegations of possible conflicts of interest in […]

Netanyahu thanks US Congress for opposition to UN resolution

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed members of the United States House of Representatives in a video statement Friday afternoon, thanking them for their support of Israel in the face of the anti-Israel resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council in December.“After the outrageous anti-Israel resolution at the UN, the US House of Representatives voted […]

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Questioned a Second Time on Corruption Suspicions

JERUSALEM — Expensive cigars for him and pink Champagne for her? On Thursday evening, for the second time this week, investigators grilled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel at his official residence as a suspect in an investigation into possible corruption, the details of which have largely been kept under wraps. The police said in […]

Netanyahu expected to be questioned again this week

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be questioned by the Israel Police again this week, apparently on Friday morning as part of their investigation into his having allegedly accepted illicit gifts from businessmen while a public servant. The prime minister was already questioned on Monday for three hours under caution at his official residence. Then, he […]

Benjamin Netanyahu: 2nd UN resolution possible before Obama leaves; bars media from speech to top diplomats

There are currently efforts underway to bring another resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue to the UN Security Council before US President Barack Obama leaves office on January 20, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. The prime minister, speaking to a year-end meeting of Israel’s ambassadors and chiefs of missions in Europe, said that while […]

Israeli police question PM Netanyahu in corruption probe

Israeli police have questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of an inquiry into corruption allegations. He was asked about “receiving benefits from business people”, justice ministry officials said without giving details. Ahead of the investigators’ arrival at his residence on Monday, Mr Netanyahu restated that he was innocent. He warned the media and political […]

AG to order criminal investigation against Netanyahu

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is expected to officially announce in the coming days that he has ordered the Israel Police to launch a criminal investigation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on suspicion of bribery offenses. Mandelblit will also announce his decision to close some of the investigations into matters involving Netanyahu which were launched several […]