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Turkey chaos following coup attempt leaves Assad as big winner

The Turkish government’s massive crackdown on opponents and those alleged to be involved in the failed coup has left the country’s military and institutions weaker and less able to play a large role in toppling Syria’s regime.   Turkish authorities have suspended or detained around 50,000 soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers since the […]

World needs to act now in Syria

In Syria, in the sixth year of the insurgence against dictator Assad, a new mass murder is imminent that could dwarf even all previous horrors in the country – and the world remains silent.   The dictator’s and his allies’ troops have surrounded the large city of Aleppo. From above, Putin’s air force continues its […]

Assad: No talks with Russia about leaving power

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said Russia has never talked to him about leaving power. “They never said a single word regarding this,” Mr Assad told NBC News, referring to conversations with President Vladimir Putin and officials. He said “only the Syrian people” would decide “when to come and when to go”. The US, which […]

Food aid reaches besieged Darayya for first time since 2012

Food aid has been delivered to the Damascus suburb of Darayya for the first time since it came under siege in 2012, a development that the UN and the World Food Programme hope will presage a new willingness by the Syrian government to allow aid delivery to besieged towns.   Bashar al-Assad’s government has frequently […]

Defiant Bashar al-Assad Vows to Retake ‘Every Inch’ of Syria

WASHINGTON — Syria’s president promised to retake “every inch” of the country from his foes on Tuesday in a defiant speech that appeared to reject the humanitarian relief effort and peaceful transition of power that the United States, Russia and more than a dozen other nations have pressed for since last fall.   The speech […]

Kerry: Russia has played constructive role in Mideast

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday defended Russias efforts against those who doubted the country would play a positive roll in ending hostilities in the Middle East.”If they hadnt played a constructive role, we would not have had an agreement with Iran,” he told the Charlie Rose show.”If they hadnt played a constructive […]

Arab Intelligence: Iran Seeking to Hijack Russian Mideast Gains

TEL AVIV – Iran’s involvement in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq is meant not only to ensure the survival of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and weaken anti-Shi’ite militants in the region, but to ensure that Iranian weapons smuggling to Syria and Lebanon continues unhindered, according to the analysis of a senior Arab intelligence official speaking to Breitbart Jerusalem. […]

Assad’s Palmyra ‘victory’ leaves Syria jihadists as big winners

Pro-regime forces recaptured the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra from ISIS over the weekend, dealing a blow to one of the terrorist group’s most strategically and symbolically valuable strongholds in Syria.   But analysts say that the victory, while significant, serves the dual purpose of buying time and legitimacy for embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad […]

Assad Hails Army’s Recapture Of Palmyra From IS

Syria’s president has hailed his forces’ recapture of the famed ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State. Bashar al Assad said it was an “important achievement” and showed his army and his allies’ success in combating terrorism, while the military claimed IS was beginning to retreat and collapse.   Government troops and militiamen, backed by Russian […]

Syria peace talks: what are the issues?

The Syrian opposition has vented its frustration at the delegation from the regime of Bashar al-Assad at the Geneva peace talks, accusing its leaders of procrastinating and avoiding any substantive dialogue in favour of arguing about procedures.   The anger suggests the success of the talks may turn on the willingness of Russia to put […]