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Russia hits back at Obama over State of Union speech

Russia hit back on Wednesday at U.S. President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech, saying it showed the United States believes it is “number one” and seeks world domination.   Obama said his country was upholding “the principle that bigger nations can’t bully the small” by opposing what he called Russian aggression and supporting […]

Third-party connections prompt more privacy concerns about ObamaCare site

A little-known side to the government’s health insurance website is prompting renewed concerns about privacy, just as the White House is calling for stronger cybersecurity protections for consumers.   It works like this: When you apply for coverage on HealthCare.gov, dozens of data companies may be able to tell that you are on the site. […]

Elections Depend on Which PM Answers Obama

Labor would never join a government with Likud, Labor-Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni opined Friday – because, according to her, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu refuses to heed the beck and call of US President Barack Obama.   “Unity is not a technical matter of distribution of files, but a matter of a shared vision,” Livni told Army […]

U.S. Republicans struggle to block Obama immigration moves

U.S. Republican lawmakers acknowledged on Thursday it will be difficult for the Senate to pass a House of Representatives bill blocking President Barack Obama’s immigration initiatives, and vowed not to put security funding at risk in the process.   At a policy retreat in Pennsylvania, House and Senate Republicans discussed the path forward after the […]

House votes to overturn Obama immigration actions, bill heads to Senate

The Republican-led House voted Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s immigration actions from last November — and to unravel a directive from 2012 protecting immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — sending the bill to the Senate where it faces an uncertain fate.   The House voted 236-191 to approve the legislation, which […]

Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu discuss Tehran, Paris and tensions with Ramallah

US President Barack Obama briefed Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu by phone on Monday about “recent developments” in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, the White House said.In the phone call, Obama reiterated Americas months-old position entering negotiations: “The United States is focused on reaching a comprehensive deal with Iran that prevents Iran from acquiring […]

Was Obama absence in Paris sign of US ‘arrogance’?

On Sunday, as more than a million marchers took to the Paris streets and 44 heads of state joined arms on Boulevard Voltaire, there was one notable absence.   At least, the absence was noted by many of Barack Obama’s critics, who slammed the US president for failing to attend the French unity demonstrations following […]

Barack Obama calls for stronger data privacy laws

Mr Obama called for legislation that will require firms to inform customers of data breaches within 30 days as well as protect students’ information.   He said identify theft and other cyber attacks were a “direct threat to the economic security” of Americans.   But shortly after his speech, the Twitter account for the US […]

Illegal immigrants can apply for unemployment benefits, states claim

Texas and 23 other states trying to block President Barack Obama’s recently announced immigration orders are holding up the costs of providing unemployment insurance, education, health care, driver’s licenses and other programs to illegals as evidence that the directives will cause them ‘irreparable damage’ if allowed to take effect.   The states made the case […]

Iran could be very successful regional power if it curbs nuclear program

Iran could become a “very successful regional power” if Tehran agrees to a long-term deal to curb its nuclear program, President Barack Obama said in an interview with NPR News.   “They’ve got a chance to get right with the world,” Obama said in the interview, which was taped at the White House on Dec. […]