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Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Comments ‘Most Appalling’ of Any President

As CNSNews.com previously reported, Obama discussed the various ways that faith is used for the common good, but also how it is “used as a wedge or weapon.”   He mentioned the Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan and the terror attacks in Paris. He also mentioned ISIL by name, describing it as a “brutal, […]

Obama, Susan Rice Repeat Claim to Have ‘Halted’ Iran’s Nuclear Progress

More than two weeks after saying during his State of the Union address that an interim agreement with Iran had “halted the progress of its nuclear program” – a claim since disputed – President Obama repeated the assertion in his National Security Strategy report, released on Friday. “We are currently testing whether it is possible […]

Bibi’s Speech and Queen Esther’s Example

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu’s speech is scheduled for March 3, two days in advance of the Purim holiday, and the eve of the Fast of Esther, observed by religious Jews around the world. The fast commemorates a similar fast held by the Jews of the Persian empire to assist Queen Esther, a Jewess, before […]

Obama, Merkel rally behind diplomacy in Ukraine conflict

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel rallied behind efforts to reach a long-shot diplomatic resolution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine Monday, but they offered no clear path for how the West would proceed if talks this week fail.   During a joint White House news conference, Obama dangled the prospect that […]

‘Very Difficult to Roll ISIS Back’ Without Ground Troops

The U.S. has “made some steps to contain” ISIS/ISIL, but “we’re a long way…from being in a position to roll them back or push them out of Iraq,” former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.   Gates said he does not support a “re-invasion” of Iraq with “large ground […]

Senate Democrats Block Republicans’ Homeland Security Bill

Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a Republican bill that would finance the Department of Homeland Security, objecting to a measure that would have gutted President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration. The vote set up an urgent confrontation over the department, which will see its funding run out at the end of the month.   […]

Obama’s ‘Big Lie’ set to clash with ‘Big Truth’

Describing 2014 as a year of “market hype and manipulation,” Williams made his dire predictions in a special commentary issued this week for his newsletter subscribers.   Adding to the surreal depiction of Obama-era “good economic news” in the form of a low 5.6 percent December unemployment rate – down from a recession peak of […]

Proxy war? Obama facing rising pressure to send lethal aid to Ukraine

President Obama is facing rising pressure from former officials, security analysts and top lawmakers to provide Ukraine lethal military aid to help battle Moscow-backed rebels gaining ground in the country’s east — raising the prospect of a proxy war with Russia should the U.S. take that step.   Though the State Department insisted Monday that […]

Five Takeaways From Obama’s Climate and Energy Budget

President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal lays bare the deep divisions between the White House and ascendant Capitol Hill Republicans over climate change, oil-and-gas policy, and much more.   The bulk of the plan will go nowhere on Capitol Hill, but it’s a useful road map to the political battles that will play out for the […]

Obama is Helping Illegal Aliens in a Way That an Aide Says Could be One of His Biggest Scandals

A Republican aide said the report could be one of the biggest scandals of the Obama administration, since it shows the administration was giving work permits to illegal immigrants at a time of high unemployment among Americans.   The report was released just as the Obama administration is preparing to implement an immigration plan that […]