WW3 warning: ‘Iran’s desire for more Uranium could spark Middle East conflict’ – expert

World War three fears remain high as Iran and US tensions continue to escalate. Dr Pupak Mohebali, an expert from Iran International, owned by Volant Media, noted Tehran’s quest for more nuclear material could create uncertainty and instability in the Middle East. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Dr Mohebali said if Iran continues to acquire nuclear material, the US’ allies in the region will look towards the superpower for intervention.

This could ultimately spark a major conflict between Iran and its surrounding nations and potentially the US.

Dr Mohebali said: “It definitely won’t help to establish peace and stability in the region.

“This is because there is rivalry among the surrounding countries.

“I believe acquiring more Uranium could make things worse because before Iran even created a nuclear bomb, we had America attacking and killing Qassem Soleimanni.

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