From World War II Nazis to World War III jihadis

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This week marks a significant anniversary, one that carries with it some crucial lessons as the West confronts the mounting danger posed by the Muslim jihadis of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


It was 75 years ago, at 4:45 a.m. on September 1, 1939, that a German warship fired on Polish troops stationed at the Westerplatte Fort in the port city of Danzig (Gdansk), signifying the start of World War II.


It was a cataclysm that would engulf the globe, killing more than 50 million human beings while permanently altering the international order.

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  1. L. Logan

    Yes dear American SOCIALISM IS NOT DEAD just because Gorbachev offered Reagan perestroika! In fact antisemitism and fascist despotic socialism is alive and well in Europe including Russia and Asia with China! Satan is the deceiver of the nations and god of this world’s kingdoms! His target is to stop God’s prophecy concerning Israel, Jerusalem and control Holy Mt. Zion!!! He is pictured in Rev. 12 in heaven arguing and accusing the woman with 12 stars above her head of infidelity as she is in labor to bring forth Christ in her womb citing those false Jews, Zionists, who since the beginning of the church persecuted the Church and her Savior, the Messiah, eventually crucifying Jesus Christ whom God raised from the dead and declared Him the Lord of Glory and of Power in heaven and earth! Jesus was given a NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME IN HEAVEN AND EARTH AND UNDER THE EARTH! Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Daniel’s prophecy speaks of Michael STANDING UP FOR ISRAEL AND JOHN SEES SATAN WARRING AGAINST MICHAEL AND HIS ANGELS … BEING DEFEATED AND CAST DOWN WITH 1/3 OF THE ANGELS THEN PERSECUTING AND PURSUING THE 144,000 MESSIANIC JEWISH CHRISTIANS WHO ARE GIVEN EAGLES WINGS TO FLY OFF IN A PLACE PREPARED FOR HER AS THE FLOOD OF SATAN’S ARMY IS SWALLOWED UP BY THE EARTH! Zionist and Orthodox Jewry are still blind to this truth and are determined to rebuild the third temple to sacrifice the blood of bulls and goats yearly for Israel and believe by doing so they shall regain control of the world by the Judaic Law observance as the head and not the tail and SUPPORT ANTICHRIST EFFORTS THINKING THE DECEIVER WILL HONOR THE TREATY THEY MADE WITH DEATH AND HELL WHICH HE BREAKS 3 1/2 YEARS LATER UNLEASHING A MUSLIM HOLY WAR BACKED BY THE UN TO RETAKE JERUSALEM AND MAKE IT AN INTERNATIONAL BEAST WORSHIP CENTER! John saw Jews worshipping the beast in the temple and at the altar! He was told to MEASURE THAT PLACE FOR JUDGMENT! Most Jews are very secular in their beliefs but willingly to support a PEACE PLAN WITH THEIR ARAB MUSLIM NEIGHBORS AS LONG AS THEY CAN CONTINUE LIVING THEIR LIVES AS THEY PLEASE WITHOUT FEAR OF ATTACK AND A HOMELAND FOR A JEWISH STATE! Jerusalem becomes the great city spiritually called SODOM AND EGYPT! The IDF IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL, NUCLEAR ARMED MILITARIES IN THE WORLD IN FULFILLMENT OF EZEKIEL’S PROPHECY CHAPTER 37, AN EXCEEDINGLY GREAT ARMY WITH A NATIONAL MOTTO OF … NEVER AGAIN only IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN WITH APOSTATE JEWS SUPPORT IN THE “TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE!!!” Numerous Israeli and former PA leader Arafat attempted to negotiate a peace plan with the Arabs and Israel such as the Oslo accords only to be rebuffed by the OLD HATRED OF ISHMAEL AND ISLAM JIHAD TO TAKE BACK JERUSALEM AND STOP THE TEMPLE FROM BEING REBUILT! Arafat couldn’t convince them even arguing it was Hudaybiyah, a deceptive treaty to be broken to disarm Israel with a false peace! That political/military tactic to advance Islam has become palatable now seeing what the IDF has become and the MI Mossad’s ruthlessness against a perceived enemy they deem threatens Israel with another holocaust and wiping their NAME FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Trump with his JEWISH ties through family is looking to make his ART OF THE DEAL WITH THE DEVIL! God will counter the Beast and False Prophet with the Two Witnesses and an evangelical double outpouring of a Holy Ghost powered Apostolic church! It is not coincidence Bro. Baxter’s school is in Jerusalem! We know who wins THE FINAL BATTLE FOR JERUSALEM AND RULE OVER EARTH, JESUS CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH!!!

    • Hello Joan,

      They could be, here is what Pastor Baxter has said about the possible identity of the ribs;”I’m not absolutely sure, but here are two possibilities. Russia took three huge provinces of land from China during the 19th century. They are Manchuria, Mongolia and Sinkiang. China still contends that they should be returned.
      Also, until recently, Russia controlled the Baltic States—Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.”

  2. Joan Taylor

    Dear Brother Baxter, The caller Dee of Tennessee has a really great idea! Would you please consider making a CD for us to distribute to folks who don’t know the importance of the book of Revelation and don’t yet know about the Endtimes and how it reveals Jesus and prophecy. It would be a great tool to use if you would tie it all into salvation for us? And if we could buy it for bulk prices too. Thank you in Jesus Name!!! Praying for you!

  3. Dear Pastor Baxter, Thank you for preaching about what China is up to. To take over our country, and because of all of our own homegrown traitors we have! Sen.Feinstein is a big traitor, and many more. But Pastor, the Bible states plainly that the New Jerusalem is a city, it says it is and it measures it also! Rev.21:9-27, Rev.22:1-5. We are going to be changed in the twinkling of an eye to our new immortal bodies where we will be in Heaven! The foolish virgins did not look for the Lord, they fell asleep and had no oil in their lamps, meaning they weren’t lights/had not, did not keep, for Jesus. So maybe they don’t even have the Spirit of Jesus, fake Christians who want us true Christians to give them our faith/Spirit, who Jesus says He doesn’t even know them. The remnant/offspring/true Christians who haven’t taken the mark, of her/Israel/Jews seed is True Christians who keep the commands and hold fast to their testimony about Jesus. I believe it will be mainly America because most of Europe is godless now, and America still has the most Bible believing Christians. Anyhow, thank you Pastor, I listen faithfully to you and your son-in-law, and appreciate that you tell post Trib truth. So many false teachers now. Please come to the Los Angeles area, Pasadena or some close area. Would love to hear you and or Pastor Dave. God richly bless you!
    Anita Arnell

  4. L. Logan

    I “heard the number”? Really! So we now hear numbers and are able to count the number by what WE HEAR??? We have a definitive number of 200,000,000 … or do we? Myriads equals TEN thousands NOT THOUSAND right? Well actually it generally means an INDEFINITE LARGE NUMBER and is used ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY IN TRANSLATIONS of Greek, Latin or Chinese. In biblical parlance using the Greek, it comes from the word “myrias.” In English we of course use it in the GENERAL SENSE of “a large indeterminate number M, with a bar above it that was used by Greeks to distinguish it as a “number” not a letter because M was used for both. In truth the Greek military had no way to number the Persian armies mounted against them but to say they were an innumerable host or in other words a myriad! It’s really a way of saying a host that covered the land as to be twice a gazillion! lol You correctly pointed out “this many” EMANATED FROM THE EUPHRATES BORDERED BY NATIONS WHICH ARE DECIDEDLY MUSLIM!!! Why would such an army be assembled there? Why would they cause such devastating loss of life IF WE USED TODAY’S WORLD POPULATION? Do those nations along the river have WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and MEANS TO DELIVER THEM WORLDWIDE? Which nations possess these weapons and delivery systems IF THIS DEATH TOLL IS TO BE APPLIED WORLDWIDE? The questions could go on and on just like the number some have proposed for myriads upon myriads is 200,000,000. How and why would any nation or group field such a number that could easily be annihilated with ONE NUCLEAR WEAPON much less FEED and SUPPLY SUCH A MASSIVE FORCE!??! Obviously boots on the ground are needed TO CONQUER and CONTROL SUCH AN ARMY’S “OBJECTIVE!” The biblical narrative pretty clearly indicates it’s PURPOSE IS TO CAUSE DEATH, FEAR and DESTRUCTION but the scripture does give it’s purpose!!! The bible again declares THIS WAR HAS AN APPOINTED HOUR DAY MONTH AND YEAR. The OBVIOUS SYMBOLISM USED TO DESCRIBE THESE RIDERS ON HORSES ARMOR AND BELLOWING FIRE, BRIMSTONE AND SMOKE WAS ABOVE JOHN’S PAY GRADE TO DESCRIBE EVEN AS A PROPHET OF JESUS! He was given more detail in Revelation nine. We can reasonably say an army of tremendous overwhelming power from those Islamic nations have a mission and it’s answered in that testimony John was to further give after he has prophesied that men DID NOT REPENT AFTER THE HORRIFIC WAR! Most people today would call this war APOCALYPTIC/ ARMAGEDDON BUT IT DID NOT TURN MEN’S HEARTS BECAUSE MANY NATIONS APPROVE OF THIS WAR AS A RIGHTEOUS WAR! But to what PURPOSE WOULD MANY NATIONS PARTICIPATE IN SUCH SLAUGHTER? John you remember was in exile on Patmos and most likely died there at a very old age as Revelation was written there around 95,96 AD. He didn’t live on to prophesy to kings and rulers of his day as the prophecy says because the Romans hated his message especially his allusions about Rome as the evil empire. What then did he continue to prophesy in the Revelation 9 narrative? He went on to tell of the final trump AFTER HE WAS TOLD TO ABOUT THE OCCUPATION OF JERUSALEM FOR FORTY TWO MONTHS THAT HAS A SPECIFIC HOUR, DAY, MONTH AND YEAR! The WORLD COMMUNITY HAS AUTHORIZED THE KING OF THE NORTH TO TAKEOVER JERUSALEM AND WHAT IS FURTHERED REVEALED IS THERE ARE JEWS ASSISTING ANTICHRIST AND WHO WORSHIP HIM IN THE TEMPLE AS DO MANY NATIONS SEEING THE TEMPLE AS AN INTERNATIONAL WORSHIP CENTER!!! What’s new here Brother? It’s the same scenario retold from the 4th SEAL PALE GREEN HORSE RIDER OF ISLAM! The world’s greatest army and military power with more nuclear weapons than any other nation will be attacked and driven out of the Middle East, the US! All the socialist nations and the Islamic Axis powers have turned on the US for backing Israel and recognizing Jerusalem as it’s ETERNAL CAPITAL. The US DIDN’T NUKE IRAQ IN THE GULF WARS! It’s always about MONEY AND OIL AND THE RICH DRINKING BABYLON’S WINE OF THE MIDDLE EAST OIL FIELDS! Hurt not the oil neither the wine. We lose the reserve currency status probably to the Chinese Yuan or a socialist basket of currencies that the FALSE PROPHET CONTROLS FOR ANTICHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT. The US dollar would collapse and economy tank. US Apostolics, evangelicals are NOT sending missionaries to the Middle East especially to Israel but GOD HAS PROVIDED THAT NATION TWO WITNESSES to continue the testimony of the little scroll Christ has opened! Now you know the FINAL TESTIMONY JOHN SPOKE OF! Americans and the American church continue to believe they ARE EXCLUSIVE AND EXEMPT FROM THE WARNINGS OF IMPENDING JUDGMENT RIGHT UP TO THE END…BY AND LARGE THEY WON’T HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND REPENT. They are foolish virgins without that oil to carry the message into the midnite hour that comes upon ALL THE WORLD. The WISE WILL BE PREPARED TO FULFILL THEIR COMMISSION EVEN UNTO DEATH AND WHOSOEVER CALLS UPON THE LORD IN THAT DAY SHALL BE SAVED! For the Christian the war has raged for two thousand years and many are under the earth who SHALL RISE FROM THE DUST ON THE LAST TRUMP INTO EVERLASTING LIFE! The war has been decreed even unto the end! The righteous shall shine as the stars even for everlasting ages.