World War 3: US Navy create aggressor squadron to ATTACK China and Russia

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THE US NAVY submarine force is creating an aggressor squadron to attack China and Russia, as fears of an all-out war between the three superstates escalate.

Mr Richard said on Wednesday, while talking to the Naval Submarine League at its annual conference, the plan – named the Commander’s Intent for the US Submarine Force and Supporting Organisations – led to an overhaul of training for the attack submarine force.

He said: “We have restructured and retuned the fast attack training period to ensure that we’re ready for that high-end fight, including restructuring what we used to call the Tactical Readiness Evaluation, and it is now a Combat Readiness Evaluation to ensure we’re focused on warfighting.”

He added: “We’ve updated the deployment certification process to eliminate duplication, put the right focus in the right place.


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18 Responses to “World War 3: US Navy create aggressor squadron to ATTACK China and Russia”

  1. Brightedge1

    War could break out but at this point I doubt it. China and Russia will not want it to escalate into a nuclear event and they know that their strategy to take down America from within may be faltering somewhat with the Patriot resurgence to take back out country but until it completely fails it is doubtful that they will go to a physical war.

    The more likely scenario is cyber warfare tactics censorship of the internet propaganda through media sources and buying off some of the cheap prostitutes in our government. As long as Americans go along with the attitude of the ostrich with our head in the sand mentality and refuse to stand up to the corruption the march toward our own destruction will be inevitable unless God shows mercy because a remnant of his people who love him are here and ask him to intervene. That said God still expects us to resist evil and what is going on in our government with Hillary Obama and others leading the effort to destabilize America and bring in their global one world government must be resisted not just in prayer but in word and deed. Support the Patriots risking their lives to stop them.

  2. Brightedge1

    While it would be irresponsible to not acknowledge that far too many events appearing to fulfill prophecies in the Bible, it is the interpretation of those prophecies that must be examined. Pastor Baxter is a learned minister and I respect his knowledge and love for God. We are instructed to watch and when I see the third temple built and the peace agreement then I will be on board with certainty that we are now in the countdown to Jesus return. Often times when we have had a world war or even other times in history people were totally convinced that Jesus return was imminent they have been wrong. That said, in the end we need to be ready for his return and to help as many as possible find the Holy Spirit as this is the source of strength that will see us through it. I know I will fall short of perfection so I must humble myself and ask Jesus for strength and mercy. My main concern is that if we as Christians fail to protect the innocent children by allowing them to be raped both physically and spiritually even if it means taking up the sword will Jesus know us? Will he say you remained passive while these children were destroyed and yet say you love the truth? I can only say my mind my sense of justice calls out for Christian men to become soldiers if need be to defend this country to defend Israel and to defend the children.

  3. China is well into taking over the Pacific. They are also in S Africa while Russia’s getting ready for war even though they Don’t want to go to war at this time. All they want is a little oil. Are we to show weakness like Obama so masterfully did for for his entire life but particularly the eight years he loafed around in the White House?
    There will be wars and rumors of wars right about now? We need to be the leader of the free world which in turn means peace through power especially due to the climate we find ourselves in due to the previous administration.
    You know, Jesus’ return is right around the next corner or two. Reading Matthew 7 today, prompted by a request by a friend, it reminded me of so much I hadn’t thought about in too long a time. I love the Word, as you do too, it is simple in meaning but complex in execution. If we pray without stopping God’s ultimate will will be done and that’s all I’m focused on and that’s all that brings my spirit peace.

    God bless you Irvin Baxter, you have been a mighty teacher of the Word & I’ve learned a lot from you. I certainly hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much with my layman’s version of theology.

  4. Carol Elliott

    I agree with President Trump and the Naval Department—we MJUST!! stay up-to-date and STRONG! In the past our “LEADER” gave us over to the enemies in word and deed. We now MUST show the world we will not stand by and watch out country and our friends we will stand up for ourselves and them….and especially ISRAEL!!! Thank you for asking my opinion!!! Carol

  5. S. A. Jurekovic

    Thank God, we have many Godly leaders. Pray for them daily .pray that God would restrain satan & his demons from influencing our other leaders from interfering! Exciting times, Praise God !

  6. Ronald Maragh

    The enemy do not know your thoughts. If this is true and you have wind of it and publish it then you are an enemy and should be treated as such. You are an enemy of the USA and the government. Hope the authority close you down. This is not God would have done, He would have annihilated the enemy.

  7. Just like in my vision that Los Angeles was underwater I hope that Trump will stop the attack’s on America I know that God is using him to stop the evil plots of the infiltrators that want to destroy American they are probably upset because they have been exposed. They don’t need to judge American every man is going to pay according to their works I had dream and Jesus Said Tell My People I’m On My Way Back… Keep up the good work to prevent the plans the enemies have on America