Will Putin push Israel to talks with the PA?

Russian president Vladimir Putin spoke last night (Friday) with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, regarding the possibility of renewing contact with the “Palestinians,” with Russian mediation.


This report was received from the Kremlin spokesperson.


According to the report, the two agreed to continue to discuss the possibility of gathering a summit of leaders in Moscow, and agreed to continue to work together to overcome the challenges facing the two nations, on a local level.


The prime minister’s office has not yet published a response or report on the issue.


It is worthwhile to note that lately, the Russians have been working on a series of communication exercises, meant to try to pressure Israel and the Palestiniains into holding a meeting between Abu Mazen and Netanyahu. This meeting, if negotiated by Russia, would increase Russia’s authority in the Middle East.


According to the report, the two leaders [Netanyahu and Abu Mazen] agreed to meet with each other, but no meeting was set. Abu Mazen detailed a long list of preconditions to peace talks, stating that without Israeli acquiescence to these conditions, he would not agree to the meeting.


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