Will Obama Forsake Israel? | Prophecy Update

Palestinian leadership has announced that it will submit to the UN Security Council a resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Israel is counting on the United States to veto the resolution as it has done previously.
However, the Palestinians are hoping that President Obama will either vote for the resolution or abstain from voting, allowing the resolution to become international law. Obama has repeatedly condemned the settlements but has said the issue should be settled by negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, not by the UN or the International Community.
If a resolution declaring the West Bank settlements illegal were passed, Israel would find herself in violation of international law and exposed to possible sanctions from the entire international community-a position Israel want to avoid.
Because of the festering animosity between Israel and President Obama, many think Obama may be willing to express his disapproval of Israel by refraining from using the American veto to protect her. It would be the ultimate slap in the face if President Obama decided to deliver such a blow to Israel during this lame-duck time of his presidency.
Oh, by-the-way, the Bible tells us how all this is going to turn out!