WHO’s exclusion of Taiwan from coronavirus assembly leads more nations to sound the alarm

Global leaders have joined the United States’ call for the World Health Assembly [WHA] on the coronavirus to include Taiwan.

In a letter to the World Health Organization sent last week, the U.S. made a bipartisan appeal to allies for support in confronting the World Health Organization over its exclusion of the island nation. Taiwan has conducted perhaps the most effective containment of the pandemic, some analysts have said, making its exclusion particularly controversial.

“Diseases know no borders,” the letter read. “We urge your government to join us in addressing the pressing issue of Taiwan’s inclusion in the global health and safety organization.”

It continued, “Given what the world has endured as a result of COVID-19, U.N. member states joining together to insist Taiwan be invited to the upcoming virtual WHA session in May 2020 is the right place to start.”

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