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A vote for the President of the United States is a vote for the direction of the entire country. The laws that he will sign and the speeches he will deliver send a clear message to our families, communities, the world, and most importantly to God, about how the majority of Americans want to live their lives. That is why, long before visiting the polls, voters should ask themselves, “What kind of nation do we want to live in?” Once that decision is made, it all comes down to the issues.

Sure, defense spending and national trade are important, but those are not areas that will determine whether the blessings of God reside on our country! Remember, the only reason this nation has been blessed by God is because it was founded on godly principles. Issues like same sex-marriage, abortion, acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital and school choice are all biblical issues that God will judge a nation for! Why?

  1. Marriage is defined by God in the Book of Genesis as between a man and a woman. Historically, every society that has promoted same-sex marriage (homosexuality) has fallen into moral decay and been destroyed.
  2. Abortion is nothing more than the killing of an unborn child. God told Moses in Exodus 20:13, “Thou shalt not kill.”
  3. God stated that He would put His name in Jerusalem many times in the Old Testament; thus God proclaimed Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Refusing to acknowledge this would be openly denying the teaching of the Bible.
  4. Prayer being removed from public schools, along with the theory of evolution being taught as fact, has made “school choice” a major issue with Christians today. If school choice legislation is signed into law, parents would be able to use federal funds to send their child to a Christian school teaching biblical principles, and that would invite the favor of God on their family.

That is why this election is the most important one ever! A nation that acknowledges God as its leader and follows His commandments will be blessed. But when a body of people elects a leader that makes decisions to turn that nation away from God…judgment will follow!

The choice is ours!

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