White House: Iran Cooperating with IAEA

The White House said on Monday it was seeing indications Iran is cooperating with inspectors from the UN’s nuclear watchdog and credited tough international sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program, according to Reuters.



White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) inspection of the Parchin military complex and its report of “significant progress” in its investigation of Iran’s past nuclear activity.



“For a long time Iran had resisted cooperating with any sort of inspections IAEA wanted to do,” Earnest was quoted as having told reporters.



“And as a result of the international pressure that built up over time, principally because of the tough economic sanctions that the United States put in place and got the rest of the international community to go along with, we now see indications that Iran is cooperating with IAEA inspections,” he added.



Earnest’s comments follow Iran’s announcement earlier on Monday that it handed over to the IAEA alleged samples from Parchin.



However, the samples were taken by Iranian scientists with UN scientists not allowed on the site.



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