What You Need to Know, From Candidates to Coalitions

Just over 5.8 million citizens are eligible to vote in Tuesday’s closely-fought election, choosing candidates for Israel’s 20th parliament since 1949. As current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fights for his political survival, here’s what you need to know — from candidates to coalitions.


When do polls close, and what happens next?


High turnout was reported on Tuesday, with voters waiting in lines of up to one and a half hours to cast their ballots. Israel’s 10,300 polling stations will close at 10 p.m. local time (4 p.m. ET) and exit polls on Channel One, Channel Two and Channel Ten will give a quick indication of the likely results. However, results are not expected until early Wednesday if not later.


Under Israel’s proportional electoral system, no party has ever won the 61 seats needed for an outright majority in the 120-member parliament — and it typically takes weeks of negotiations for a governing coalition to be formed.


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