Waco churches diverge, evolve in views of same-sex relationships

Victoria Pierce swore off church at 13 in the most dramatic way she could, blasting her pastor at her confirmation ceremony with a tirade against Christian hypocrisy.


But she found her way back to faith in her late 20s through the help of the woman she would come to call her wife.


Pierce settled down in 2000 with Angela Ceccato, a lifelong member of Central Presbyterian Church. With the church’s help, they raised their three children to adulthood together in suburban Hewitt.


Never in church did they feel judged or singled out for their lesbian relationship. Church members came to their commitment ceremony at their Hewitt home in 2005 and celebrated after they got married last year in New Mexico.


“I can’t tell you of a more welcoming group of people,” said Pierce, 45, an official with a local housekeeping contracting company. “They don’t care if you’re gay or bi.”


The challenge that LGBT believers like Ceccato and Pierce pose to faith communities has become impossible to ignore in the wake of the June 26 Supreme Court decision that supported same-sex marriage rights.


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