VP Pence ridiculed for praying with coronavirus task force

After a photo of Vice President Mike Pence praying with his coronavirus task force went public, waves of criticism mocking the United States’ second-in-command struck social media. In the White House photo (right), Pence is seen seated in a circle with the task force as they bowed their heads in prayer, with the others remaining in the room standing while bowing their heads – 17 in all.

Attack on prayer

With Twitter and other platforms taking issue with the vice president – a self-described evangelical Christian – his latest prayer has “sparked a heated debate on social media about religion, politics and the efficacy of prayer,” according to Christian Headlines.

A writer for New York Magazine and Harper’s Magazine, Thomas Chatterton Williams, headed up one wave of derision over the photo on social media channels, generating nearly 10K comments, 5.5K retweets and 20K likes.

“Mike Pence and his coronavirus emergency team praying for a solution. We are so screwed,” Williams colorfully tweeted Sunday as a caption to the photo.

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