Vicente Fox: ‘Nobody Knows’ How Many Illegal Aliens are in U.S.

SANTA MONICA, California — Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday that no one really knows how many illegal aliens are inside the United States.


“Nobody knows if it’s 11 million, if it’s eight million or if it’s 12 million and thats’ a problem not knowing how many people you have undocumented in the United States,” Fox stated in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.


Conventional numbers range between 11 and 12 million illegal aliens, but some experts have estimated that the actual number of illegals inside the United States could be as high as 20 million.


Rather than using that uncertainty as a reason to build a border wall, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to do, the confusion around illegal aliens should spark efforts at comprehensive immigration reform, Fox suggested.


Fox mentioned the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill from 2005, which he said he wishes Congress had acted on, arguing that every person in the U.S. would have been documented through the use of identification ca…


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