Vatican opens door to new Christian-Hindu dialogue

A “new beginning” that “takes us towards a new series of possibilities in the field of dialogue,” opening the door to “further initiatives and future steps,” said Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran at the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue’s first Hindu-Christian conference in Italy, according to the Osservatore Romano, the Holy See’s official newspaper.

According to Tauran, a cardinal considered ‘very close’ to the Pope, “each interreligious dialogue, if carried out with the right intent, should shed light on our shared values. These have been occasions for reciprocal understanding and spiritual enrichment.”

Because, as he concluded, “when we who follow different religions meet each other, we feel the need to grow ever more respectful, compassionate, and appreciative of other peoples’ lives and faiths, and this contributes to our society’s development and overall harmony.”

Furthermore, he stated that, “these wonderful exchanges help us deepen our own faith,” and “each authentic exchange of our lives and faiths, such as this, enriches our life-styles and ways of being.”


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