‘US would lose Pacific war with China’

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The United States would be defeated in a sea war with China and would struggle to stop an invasion of Taiwan, according to a series of “eye-opening” war games carried out by the Pentagon.

American defence sources have told The Times that several simulated conflicts conducted by the US resulted in the conclusion that their forces would be overwhelmed by the Chinese. One simulated war game focused on the year 2030, by which time a modernised Chinese navy would operate an array of new attack submarines, aircraft carriers and destroyers.

The analysis also found that Beijing’s accumulation of medium-range ballistic missiles has already made every US base and any American carrier battle group operating in the Indo-Pacific Command region vulnerable to overwhelming strikes. The Pacific island of Guam, a base for American strategic bombers such as the B-2 and B-52, is now considered to be wholly at risk.

MORE: ‘US would lose any war with China in Pacific’ – The Australianwww.theaustralian.com.au › world › the-times › news-story

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5 Responses to “‘US would lose Pacific war with China’”

  1. Darrell

    The reason why America is losing in all fronts Before judgements starts on other nations. Judgement must first start in the house of God.
    Judgements are coming to think otherwise would be foolish. Then he would owe Israel an apology.

  2. Robert Eastman

    Sorry, I am just as Apostilic as you are Brother Baxter. I do not at THIS time believe that China could defeat the US Military. With 5th generation F22 Raptors and F35 jet fighters, we are already looking to generation 6 fighters by the 2030s.

  3. Verland Henderson

    This is the result of the depletion of our military over the years. I still don’t understand the reasoning behind that, why would we deplete & others like china don’t?

    • Kyp Shillam

      The gutting of our military by liberal forces has come home to roost. China has a million man army – men so indoctrinated by communist hatred who have literally nothing to lose because they have no wives or children – that they are a formidable force. Thanks to Bill & Hillary Clinton’s personal fundraiser of selling our military secrets and the Presidio to China, we’re more vulnerable than we know. Wake up! The Chinese have a deep water military base on American soil. They’re using our own technology against us. We even gave up control of the Panama Canal – a canal we built that has served the world well – to CHINA. How did this happen? They now control shipping in the western hemisphere and have a very strategic place to fire missiles from. Back in the 1930s, my grandfather had dreams and visions of an army of yellow men invading the west coast of America. They were marching en masse down the highway between Alaska and the lower 48. People called him crazy. “Oh, Adolph, there is no such highway!” There is now. His visions of this Army of yellow men with red stars on their coats would have been unthinkable in the 1930s. China was in shambles, hopelessly backward and hardly a world military power. They are today. Could China be a type or shadow of the dragon in the Revelation 12 sign in the heavens – ready to devour the child (the church) when it is reborn for the End Time awakening. I think so. By the way, that Revelation 12 sign in the heavens was fulfilled on Sept. 23, 2017. Time to repent of the church being a cruise ship. Time to armor up and man our battlestations on the SS Yeshua and start pulling POWs from enemy territory.