US to store heavy weapons in Poland under Nato plan

Tomasz Siemoniak said he had discussed such US military deployments last month with US Defence Secretary Ash Carter.
The US military has been conducting massive drills with Nato allies in Eastern Europe amid regional alarm over Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict.
The three Baltic states also plan to store US heavy weapons, officials say.
“Decisions are near,” Mr Siemoniak tweeted (in Polish), confirming a New York Times report at the weekend that storage of US heavy weapons in Poland was being discussed.
Such pre-positioning of US armour on the territory of its ex-communist Nato allies would be a first since the Cold War ended.
It would not be an ad hoc measure, the minister said, but “for years and decades”.
Reports say up to 5,000 Nato troops could be equipped with the weapons set to be stored in Eastern Europe. It would be in position for a Nato rapid reaction brigade, agreed at a Nato summit last year, which could deploy at short notice.


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