U.S. to reveal economic part of Palestine peace plan

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U.S. announces June conference to encourage investment in Palestinians as first part of ‘deal of the century’ peace plan.

The United States will co-host an economic “workshop” with Bahrain to encourage investment in the occupied Palestinian territories “that could be made possible by a peace agreement”, the White House said on Sunday.

“Peace to Prosperity will facilitate discussions on an ambitious, achievable vision and framework for a prosperous future for the Palestinian people and the region,” said the statement.

The June 25-26 conference in Manama is expected to bring together government, business and civil leaders to gather support for potential economic investments and initiatives that could be possible with a peace agreement, the statement said.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly touted his plan for peace between Palestinians and Israelis as the “deal of the century”.

MORE: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/05/reveal-economic-part-palestine-peace-plan-bahrain-190519191752420.html

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