US State Sanctions to Remain Despite Iran Deal

Iran has become adamant that all sanctions be dropped immediately with the signing of a nuclear deal by June 30, a demand contradicting Western positions, but that appears unlikely to happen as US states seem determined to maintain their sanctions regardless of a deal.A full 26 states have sanctions measures in place against companies doing business with Iran, and Kansas and Mississippi are considering incorporating such policies of their own as well, reports Reuters.The sanctions have public pension funds divesting billions of dollars from the companies, and in over half of the states the policies are only to expire if Iran is no longer designated as a state sponsor of terrorism, or if all US federal sanctions against Iran are lifted. Neither of the two options are expected to occur in the Iran nuclear deal.”Our investment sanctions are not tied in any way to President (Barack) Obamas negotiations with the Iranians,” Senator Don Gaetz (R-FL) told Reuters. Gaetz sponsored legislation in 2007 to punish companies investing in Irans energy sector.”They would have to change their behavior dramatically and we would not be necessarily guided by President Obama or any other presidents opinion about the Iranians,” Gaetz added.

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