US sees joint Israeli-Palestinian border patrols as part of future peace deal

The United States government has prepared a comprehensive defense plan aimed at assuaging Israeli security concerns in the event that Jerusalem agrees to pull back its armed forces from the Jordan Valley as part of a future final-status treaty with the Palestinians.


According to Channel 2, the plan envisages a “war room” that would include Israeli, Palestinian, and American security officials as well as joint Israeli-Palestinian patrols across the West Bank for an interim period of time – until the Palestinian security forces prove their ability to maintain control on the ground.


The war room would be responsible for cobbling together all pieces of key intelligence and putting together operational plans on the basis of the incoming information.


In the event of pinpoint intelligence indicating hostile activity, a Palestinian team of elite paramilitary forces – which would be trained and funded by the US – would be sent to track down and arrest would-be assailants.


If the Palestinians were unable or unwilling to handle the situation, then the task would be carried out by Israeli security personnel.


The research and details of the plan were overseen by Gen. John Allen, a Marine four-star general who had commanded US forces in Afghanistan. Its implementation was designed to span a number of years during which Israel would maintain both an overt and covert presence in the territories.


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