US court: Iran, Syria, Hamas, IJ can be liable for ‘lone-wolf’ attackers

A US federal court in Washington has set a new precedent with a default judgment that Iran, Syria, Hamas and Islamic Jihad can be held liable for wrongful death damages for the actions of certain “lone-wolf” attackers.

The game-changing decision means that terrorist groups and state sponsors of terrorism could be hit with million- and even billion-dollar judgments for the 2015-2016 “Knife Intifada” and for other lone-wolf attacks going forward, if there is proof connecting them to specific attacks behind the scenes.

Many lone-wolf attacks still have no connection to any group and someone who spontaneously grabs a kitchen knife to stab an Israeli soldier would not be included in this decision.

A default judgment means that none of the defendants in the case showed up to defend against the charges.