UN “Green” Agenda vs. the Constitution

As has been documented in the pages of this magazine, Americans are facing a very serious threat to their liberties, prosperity, and national independence. Make no mistake: The globalists behind the dangerous “green” agendas — sustainable development, global warming, and more — fully intend to subjugate the United States and the world.


Right at this instant, glob­alists at the United Nations and in Washington, D.C., are busy forging the chains of tyranny. They intend to shackle all of us with them. And the “environmental” agenda being used to justify it, while it must be understood in the context of everything else that is happening, will play a crucial role in their broader agenda: Global totalitarianism.


But as Americans, we still have a variety of tools at our disposal to stop it, including the truth and the U.S. Constitution. We must use those tools.


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