UN envoy urges ‘maximum restraint’ as shaky Gaza ceasefire takes hold

The United Nations’ Mideast envoy Nickolay Mladenov urged restraint Thursday morning as a shaky ceasefire agreement brokered between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad went into effect.

Mladenov said UN and Egyptian negotiators worked to prevent the two-day flareup in violence between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group from escalating into a full blown war.

“Egypt and the UN worked hard to prevent the most dangerous escalation in and around Gaza from leading to war,” he tweeted Thursday.

“The coming hours and days will be critical. ALL must show maximum restraint and do their part to prevent bloodshed. The Middle East does not need more wars.”

Mladenov’s comments came shortly after the ceasefire apparently went into effect at at 5:30 a.m. Thursday following a two-day spike in violence.

According to an Egyptian official, the agreement stipulates that Palestinian factions must ensure a return to calm in Gaza and “maintain peace” during demonstrations, while Israel must stop hostilities and “ensure a ceasefire” during demonstrations by Palestinians.

Israel has not officially confirmed the ceasefire, but an official said that the Jewish state “achieved the objectives” of its operation in Gaza.

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