UMC Bishop Defends Plan to Soften Church’s Views on Homosexuality

A United Methodist Church bishop has defended a plan to remove the denomination’s official stance against homosexual acts, claiming that while “not perfect” it welcomes both liberals and conservatives.

Next year, the UMC will hold a special General Conference to determine whether to retain its official opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage.

One proposal, known as the “One Church Plan,” seeks to allow individual congregations and some regional bodies to determine their position on sexual ethics.

Louisiana Area Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey, president-designate of the UMC Council of Bishops, released a video on Wednesday, explaining her support for the “One Church Plan.”

Bishop Harvey stated that of the possible plans, the One Church Plan is “the one that’s most faithful to my consecration as a bishop, to guard the faith and the unity of the church. Not the uniformity of the church, but the unity of the church.”


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