UK Report address concerns about lack of guidelines on biometrics usage

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In the UK’s Science and Technology Committee new report titled “Science and Technology – Sixth Report: Current and future uses of biometric data and technologies“, MPs address their concerns regarding the UK government’s failure to introduce proper legislation to regulate the increasing use of biometric data.
In the report, MPs discuss a number of key topics of concern, including how the police are allowed to acquire and store biometric data about those individuals who have not been charged for any crimes, as well as the growing trend of banks using biometric data to identify their clients.
The report also highlights a few key biometric technologies, such as Barclays’ blood-reading finger vein authentication and Apple Touch ID fingerprint recogntion in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.
The three future trends in the application of biometrics are the growth of unsupervised biometric systems, accessed via mobile devices, which verify identity; the emergence of “second-generation” biometric technologies that can covertly authenticate individuals; and linking biometric data with other types of ‘big data’ in an effort to profile individuals.


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