U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico

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WASHINGTON — Militants for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have traveled to Mexico and are just miles from the United States. They plan to cross over the porous border and will “imminently” launch car bomb attacks. And the threat is so real that federal law enforcement officers have been placed at a heightened state of alert, and an American military base near the border has increased its security.


As the Obama administration and the American public have focused their attention on ISIS in recent weeks, conservative groups and leading Republicans have issued stark warnings like those that ISIS and other extremists from Syria are planning to enter the country illegally from Mexico. But the Homeland Security Department, the F.B.I. and lawmakers who represent areas near the border say there is no truth to the warnings.


“There is no credible intelligence to suggest that there is an active plot by ISIL to attempt to cross the southern border,” Homeland Security officials said in a written statement, using an alternative acronym for the group.


“There’s a longstanding history in this country of projecting whatever fears we have onto the border,” said Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas. Credit Rod Lamkey/Getty Images



Democrats say opponents of President Obama are simply playing on concerns about terrorism as part of their attempt to portray Mr. Obama as having failed to secure the border against illegal immigration.


Read More: U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico – NYTimes.com.

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11 Responses to “U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico”

  1. L.Logan

    The Trump Effect- Turkey, Iran and Russia are in financial crisis as currency is devalued which reflects Ezekiel 38,39 nations attack on Israel. One might call it in truth the GOD EFFECT ON ENDTIME NATIONS!

  2. Gaye Haehnel

    We also had prophets that foretold that Mr. Trump was His choice, His wrecking ball. They also said he would serve two terms and that He had not forgotten 911. It was the prophet Kim Clement in 2014 that prophecy Donald Trump would be our president. Lance Wallnau also prophecy that Donald Trump would indeed be our President.
    When the Democratic party kicked God out of their party at their national convention in 2016, I knew they were toast.

  3. Thomas E. Link

    President Trump is on record as having stated that “I don’t care if it’s a single state, two state or any other solution..It’s up to Israel and the Palestinians…”

  4. Patrice

    I’ve been following Endtime Ministries for years, and I appreciate the education you provide. You’re right, we need answers like never before. Please address the elephant on the table; i.e., Trump initially lying about his awareness that payments were made to silence women he had affairs with. Yes, many seeking government office, as well as many past presidents had affairs; albeit wrong, Trump’s lying on this issue could be, like Clinton’s, his undoing. Also, many have trouble believing Trump because of his name calling, backtracking when caught in verbal error, etc. God’s past prophets and the other people He uses, like all of us, sinners; however, please don’t try to make Trump into a saint. He’s no saint.

  5. God’s success certainly does not consist in “material blessings” to put us at ease on this earth dedicated to His Judgment.
    You will be counted as those “who dwell on the Earth”.
    Then Woe to you.Rev.8 v13- Amos 6 v.1

  6. chris parsley

    how can you say that donald trump kept his promises i ain’t seen nothing trump done for america he might had helped blacks but what about white people middle class they have to be left out of everything and you coming on here holding up to mr trump so you can understand trump is not a christian just because he is defending israel that doesn’t make him a christian and his peace deal ain’t going to work

  7. L.Logan

    Daniel 2:21- God changes times and seasons: HE REMOVES KINGS AND SETS UP KINGS; He gives wisdom to the wise and “knowledge to those who have understanding.” There has long been those who UNDERSTAND THE POWER GOD HE EXECUTES TO FULFILL HIS WORD, EVERY JOT AND TITTLE! Most bible scholars recognize the way God relates Himself to the times and seasons he has decreed of 1000 years is as one day to Him and He will perform His purpose of creation as He showed in the beginning in 7 DAYS OR IN 7 THOUSAND YEARS OF HUMAN HISTORY. The prophetic clock was stopped at the DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF CHRIST AND THE BIRTH OF THE CHURCH ON PENTECOST IN 30AD! 40 YEARS LATER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE TOOK PLACE IN 70AD. All but John were martyred who had followed Christ admonition to go into all the world with Peter going out to the Jews first as he was predisposed to do and Paul had reprimanded his bias against Gentile believers. Most fled Jerusalem when they saw the armies surrounding Jerusalem as Christ had warned. Peter was thrown from the pinnacle of the temple for refusing to deny the bloodguilt of Jews in having Christ crucified and Peter likewise was condemned as a blasphemer and traitor to Rome suffering to be crucified upside down while pleading with his countrymen to believe in Christ! Most of the Apostles had left to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION AMONG THE NATIONS with the EXCEPTION OF PETER and James the Lord’s brother and were murdered for the faith. Peter based his ministry from Jerusalem and was circulating among the Diaspora but evidently returning to Jerusalem as Jews had been BANNED FROM ROME BY THE DESPOT NERO. Paul had been chosen and elected to go before Nero to present the gospel but Nero blamed his failures upon Christians and had the great Apostle beheaded! Peter suffered the same death by crucifixion as the LORD AT JERUSALEM AND HIS BONES WERE FOUND IN AN OSSUARY BEARING HIS NAME AT THE FRANCISCAN CHURCH ON THE MT. OF OLIVES ALONG WITH LAZARUS, MARY AND MARTHA’S! God has given His Church 2000 years to preach and teach and make disciples but as Rev. 12 states; satan, the Red Dragon pursues the woman ,Israel and those who have the testimony of Jesus! The church must redeem the short time remaining as the Jews think they will violently ESTABLISH THE VISION OF ERSATZ ISRAEL GIVEN UNDER THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT and WILL SUPPORT THE ISLAMIC BEAST WHO DECEIVES THEM WITH A FALSE PEACE AGREEMENT OF SEVEN YEARS AND ALLOWS THE THIRD TEMPLE TO BE BUILT ONLY TO BREAK IT AT THE 3 1/2 YEAR POINT WHEN THE TRANSGRESSORS POWER HAS COME INTO IT’S OVERWHELMING STRENGTH AND APOSTATE JEWS SWITCH TO WORSHIPPING THE BEAST IN THE TEMPLE AS THE MESSIAH. The GREAT TRIBULATION BEGINS BUT IS HAMPERED BY THE TWO WITNESSES! America will pull it’s EMBASSY STAFF AND AIRLIFT THE 144,000 OUT TO SAFETY. Jews will continue their persecution of their brethren until the Beast, the King of the North, attacks Jerusalem and kills the Two Witnesses! Let him who reads understand and DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE TO PREACH AND TEACH THE GOSPEL EVEN IN TROUBLESOME TIMES THAT THE LORD HAS ORDAINED! FILL THE CRUSE AND TRIM THE LAMP… THE LORD WILL APPEAR SOON FOR HIS ELECT… AFTER THAT TRIBULATION AS HE AND THE EARLY CHURCH HAS SUFFERED!!!