U.K. Edges Toward Departure from European Union

October 1, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

It’s hard to imagine anything more insular than a British party political conference—except, perhaps, for an island. U.K. Parliament Debates Joining U.S. Air Strikes Against ISIS Radical Muslim Cleric Abu Qatada Cleared of Terrorism Charges in Jordan Very Civil Disobedience: Inside Hong Kong’s Polite ‘Revolution’. A Short History of Secret Service Scandals. What We Know About the Texas Ebola Patient NBC News The ruling Conservative Party is currently meeting in the U.K.’s second largest city, Birmingham, but delegates tightly ringed by security and focused on the narrow issue of how to win the next election may as well be on a coral atoll for all the connection they have with the wider world…

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