Turkey: We’re not sorry for shooting down Russian jet

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made clear in a Thursday interview with CNN his country is not going to apologize for shooting down Russia’s jet – and that if anyone needs to issue a mea culpa, it’s President Vladimir Putin.


“I think if there is a party that needs to apologize, it is not us,” he said, during an interview from his capital offices, CNN said. “Those who violated our airspace are the ones who need to apologize. Our pilots and our armed forces, they simply fulfilled their duties, which consisted of responding to … violations of the rules of engagement. I think this is the essence.”


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The statement is not likely to go over well in Moscow.


As WND previously reported, Putin vowed after Turkish military shot down Russia’s SU–24 jet, the act would not go unpunished. The incident, which took place after Turkey said Russia violated its airspace near Syria – something Putin vehemently denies – left one pilot dead and another captured by rebel ground forces. The captured pilot was ultimately freed by a military commando–type operation, and taken to Russia’s base in the northern part of Syria for safety and medical treatment.


Putin, meanwhile, ordered anti–aircraft missiles to move into position at Russia’s airbase in Latakia, Syria. The missiles have a range of 155 miles. Turkey is located about 30 miles from the base.


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