Trump’s Meeting With Prosperity Preachers Is Outreach to Heretics, Russell Moore Says

Don Nori, founder of Christian book publisher Destiny Image, who was at the meeting held on the 26th floor of Trump Tower in New York City, told CNN that while Trump spoke to the leaders for a bit, he spent most of the time listening to their concerns and advice about him as a candidate.


“It started out inquisitive and a little cautious, but by the end it was more cordial, everyone wanted a picture with him,” said Nori. “People had a lot to say to him, a lot of advice, (but) it was not a pep rally for Donald Trump.”


And although Trump has developed a reputation for being brash, mean and insincere about his faith, Nori said on Monday religious leaders saw a different man.


“He talked a lot about his faith. He says it’s not something he wears on his sleeve, but it was very obvious he was a man of faith,” said Nori. “He is a much kinder man than he appears.”


(Photo: screengrab/Reuters)Christian minister Paula White and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.


Bishop Clarence McClendon of the Full Harvest International Church in Los Angeles called the meeting “insightful” and “enlightening.”


“I believe there’s a reason why Mr. Trump is making such an impact with such a broad range of constituents,” McClendon told CNN.


A description of the meeting by Politico, however, said it was “a gathering dominated by preachers of the prosperity gospel and media-savvy faith leaders” like McClendon.


Others in attendance included Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider; Cleveland Pentecostal pastor Darrell Scott and televangelist Paula White.


Jeffress and Schneider reportedly raised concerns with Trump about his habit of personally attacking rivals and critics. Scott, on the other hand, urged him not to get too soft despite the criticism.


“To be quite honest if you tone it down too much, you won’t be you,” said Scott as many at the meeting applauded.


“You do need to refrain somewhat from calling someone a moron or something, but you can’t turn into a milquetoast neither for the sake of winning a vote,” added Scott, whose church owns its own radio station.


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