Trump Tells UN That Iran Is ‘One Of The Greatest Security Threats’

September 28, 2019   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , , ,

U.S. President Donald Trump has defended his policy on Iran before the UN General Assembly and called on all nations to act against Tehran and not “subsidize Iran’s bloodlust.”

“One of the greatest security threats facing peace-loving nations today is the repressive regime in Iran,” Trump told world leaders gathered at the UN headquarters in New York on September 24.

Denouncing “four decades of failure” since the Islamic revolution, he called for Iran’s leaders to “finally put the Iranian people first,” and warned that U.S. sanctions “will be tightened” unless Iran’s “menacing behavior” changes.

The U.S. president accused Iranian leaders of “fueling the tragic wars in both Syria and Yemen” and blamed the country for a recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.


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