Why is Trump so obsessed with Israeli-Palestinian peace?

Earlier this month, for about an hour, America watched with astonishment as President Trump addressed the two Houses of Congress and kept The Donald well-hidden. While he spent most of the time talking about his favorite thing, himself, he occasionally snuck in a few sane and appeasing comments about the need to work together and to cooperate, which made even his biggest critics in the “hostile media” note with admiration that this was the day in which Trump became a responsible and restrained president.

It was a delightful night in the American capital. On the right and on the left, there was suddenly a sense of elation ahead of some kind of promise. But as the morning arrived, the glimmers of hope cleared away with the mist. The great Donald woke up to a morning of nervous tweets.

After the brief illusion that the boss had calmed down, his fans were able to breathe with relief: The Donald started kicking again, accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones during the election campaign, kept insulting the media and returned to his administration, which is being run in circles of insanity, lies and a world of alternative facts.


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