Trump, NATO leaders at crossroads as alliance marks 70th anniversary

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The American president will be banging the drum for more money. The French president recently called the alliance brain-dead, angering the German chancellor. The British hosts appear impatient for the whole thing to be over. And everyone is mad at the Turks.

Existential crises are nothing new for NATO, but President Trump and the military alliance’s other leaders appear to be at a particularly tricky crossroads at what was supposed to be NATO’s celebratory 70th anniversary party this week in London.

The gathering, already downgraded from a “summit” to a “leaders’ meeting,” will be held in the wake of a number of shocks to the system, including Mr. Trump’s October announcement of a U.S. pullout in Syria without informing his European allies and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s defiant decision to buy a Russian missile defense system that other NATO powers fear could undercut the alliance’s defensive cohesion.

Doubts about Washington’s commitment to the 29-nation alliance helped spur French President Emmanuel Macron’s warning that NATO was suffering “brain death” and that European powers would have to rely more on themselves for their own defense.


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8 Responses to “Trump, NATO leaders at crossroads as alliance marks 70th anniversary”

  1. Alfred Curtis

    My comment is about the 7 year delusion, which is a fabrication based on Dan.9-27, which refers to the Messiah, who by His sacrifice on the Cross put an end to all the Jewish sacrifices in the middle of the 70th week, which began in AD26 at His baptism, and will be consummated in His 3-1/2 year ministry of the “Day of Vengeance”of our GOD. To attribute His Sacrifice to the Antichrist is blasphemous!

  2. Dennis Spinks

    The USA is blessed by God and the reason is, we back and support Israel. NATO and the majority of the 29 nations are against Israel. The fact is the USA, we are tired of donating our people, money and support to fight wars and skirmishes for every nation or country on this planet. To be totally truthful NATO has never been a true allied of the USA anyway. To sum it up, “Don’t call us-if we need you we will call-but don’t bank on it! Praise President Trump and his staff for doing what is necessary for the betterment of our Country-being like glue to the State of Israel! For God will bless those who are for Israel and those who aren’t [ like NATO and its 29 nations] will be cursed! This is for Sherry Goodspeed, just to set the recorded straight-It was President Obama who destroyed our Creditability and our Trustworthy around the World.

  3. Sherry Goodspeed

    We have made ourselves untrustable and unreachable with a unstable leader at the helm. We all need each other in liu of what is coming down the pike. No man or country is an island as President Trump seems to think we are and can go it alone, but our survival depends on all of our allies being in the loop. He is also making a mockery out of our long standing constitution and government protocols. This is going to change our nation. I have lived a long life and am sad to see what is happening to our country and how one man can tear it down.