Trump: I’m Not Pressuring Governors to Open if They Are Not Ready

“They know when it’s time to open and we don’t want to put pressure on anybody. I’m not putting any pressure on the governor to open,” Trump said.

The president cited New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as an example, currently the focus of the majority of coronavirus cases in the United States.

Cuomo announced his own task force for reopening the New York City metro area, including Democrat governors from several surrounding states. Trump indicated that he would not interfere.

“I want him to take his time, do it right, and then open New York,” Trump said.

He said several governors were already prepared to reopen their states, but others were not.

“We’ll open up in beautiful little pieces as it comes along,” Trump said.

The president said that nearly 20 states were ready to open, some of which could be ready before May 1st.