The peace process will have to wait

I believe we Jews must confront an uncomfortable truth: As long as Islam does not reform in the Middle East, there can never be peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

The extreme theology holds not only that the State of Israel is an affront to Islam, but also in Islamic lands, Jews must be the subjects of Muslims. It would be a racist smear to accuse all Muslims of holding these beliefs, the vast majority are peace-loving and decent citizens, but it would be intellectually dishonest to suggest that these ideas are not held by many. And therefore until we address the question of the radical Islamic forces’ grip on the region, what use is it discussing future peace proposals?

In the seventh century, Arab Muslim imperialism swept through the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere, and brought lands under Islamic rule as part of the new Arab Islamic empire. And this too included the Holy Land.

This created a Dar al Islam, or the abode of Islam, where Islam dominates religiously, socially, and politically. In short, Dar al Islam is a state with Islamic rule.

This position is irrevocable – a land that becomes Islamic, must always be Islamic. This is a non-negotiable theological maxim.