The Jewish people are here to stay

March 2, 2016   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

With the month of Adar II just around the corner, this Shabbat is the first of the four “special Sabbaths” that precede Passover, featuring a special Torah reading.


This Sabbath is “Shabbat Shekalim,” commemorating the half-shekel donation to the Temple that was given by all of Israel at this time of year.


This week’s rousing edition of Temple Talk focuses on this and many other aspects of Holy Temple consciousness, especially in the light of this week’s Torah portion of Vayakhel. Our hosts discuss the important difference between the Tabernacle and the Temple, and connect the dots to current developments on the Temple Mount, and Israel’s message for the world.


A timely program in honor of Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Israel, with a message for him that’s not to be missed!


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