Tennessee to Consider Nullifying Executive Orders and Supreme Court Decisions

Where shall I make complaint, Fathers of the Senate, that our country is being rent asunder and is the victim of all the most reckless of men; to whom shall I appeal? Shall I turn to the Roman people, who are so corrupted by largess that they offer themselves and all their fortunes for sale? Shall I appeal to you, Fathers of the Senate, whose authority is the plaything of all the basest and most criminal of men? — “Invective Against Marcus Tullius,” attributed to Sallust


President Obama has seized power not granted to the executive branch and the Congress seems full of “representatives” determined to act as his accomplices in the obliteration of the Constitution.


In order to check this abuse, the state legislature of Tennessee might soon have the opportunity to render all unconstitutional executive orders and Supreme Court decisions null and void within the borders of that state.


A pair of companion bills working their way through the two houses of the state legislature (HB 1828 and SB 1790) would amend the Tennessee state code to prohibit “state and local governments from enforcing, administering, or cooperating with the implementation, regulation, or enforcement of any federal executive order or U.S. supreme court opinion unless the general assembly first expressly implements it as the public policy of the state.”


Beyond the potential protections this bill affords for the right of citizens of the Volunteer State to keep and bear arms (as guaranteed by the Second Amendment and threatened by President Obama’s flurry of fiats), it could stop at the state borders enforcement of numerous unconstitutional programs and policies of the federal government.


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