Taliban Driven From Much of Kunduz, Afghan Officials Say

Afghan forces recaptured most of Kunduz from the Taliban on Thursday, the government said, three days after the militants seized the provincial capital.


Afghan Defense Minister Massoum Stanekzai acknowledged the task had “not been easy” but said his forces were in “full control” of the city on Thursday afternoon.


Interior Minister Noru-Haq Ulomi praised Afghanistan’s “brave forces” for retaking the city, telling a press conference that “the enemy has been defeated.”


Officials said that search-and-clear operations were ongoing to root out any remaining remaining pockets of resistance.


President Ashraf Ghani’s office said military leadership had communicated that the situation in Kunduz was “calm” and had returned to normal.


However, residents said that heavy exchanges of fire were ongoing at the beginning of the afternoon in several parts of the city and certain government buildings were still under Taliban control.


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