Susan Sarandon Blasts ‘Disgusting’ DNC Plot to Undermine Bernie Sanders

Hollywood celeb and Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon is calling out the Democratic National Committee for the “disgusting” behavior revealed in DNC staff emails published by WikiLeaks over the weekend.


“That’s so disgusting,” Sarandon said of revelations that DNC staffers were actively working to undermine Sanders’ insurgent candidacy in the Democratic primary against establishment favorite Hillary Clinton. Some DNC officials even suggested a campaign to raise doubts about Sanders’ Jewish faith.


“I think we have to really ask what’s happened to us in terms of what we’re willing to sacrifice to get our person in,” Sarandon said in an interview with The Young Turks, a progressive online news network.


The actress also (sort of) compared the DNC situation to the killing of unarmed civilians by police officers. “What does this really say about us if all of this goes by unattended?” she said. “Just like what does it say, you know, when someone’s killed by the police and they get off?”


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